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O. A. Also, if you wish to obtain additional free copies of this message for prayerful distribution, you may write to Derek Prince Ministries at the above address.

But within a century of expelling all Jews from her territories Spain declined to a struggling, second-rate power. In my personal memory and experience, much the same happened to my own motherland, Britain. Britain emerged victorious from two World Wars, retaining intact an empire that was perhaps the most extensive in human history. But in 1947-8, as the mandatory power over Palestine, Britain opposed and attempted to thwart the rebirth of Israel as a sovereign nation with her own state. ) From that very moment in history, Britain's empire underwent a process of decline and disintegration so rapid and total that it cannot be accounted for merely by the relevant political, military or economic factors.

To undo the effect upon the Jewish people of these experiences—and countless others like them—will take more than tracts or sermons. It will require acts—both individual and collective that are manifestly as kind and merciful as the previous acts were unjust and cruel. Finally, we need to bear in mind that one major factor in God's judgment of all other nations will be their treatment of the Jews. In Matthew 25:31-46 we have a picture of Christ as King at the end of this age on the throne of His glory, with all nations arraigned before Him for judgment.

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