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By Peter Hitchcock

What retains materialism relocating? At a second of concern in materialism, within the wake of materialist perform as soon as often called socialist revolution, this daring and cutting edge ebook offers oscillation as a metaphor for realizing materialism anew. conscious of the hazards for materialism, Peter Hitchcock however exhibits how oscillation is a part of the conceptual framework of materialist inquiry from Marx to the present.

A respond to the decision to reconsider the fabric constraints on materialism itself, this ebook makes use of oscillation to refer at the same time to circulate inside of and among our bodies of conception, inside theories of the physique, and inside and among institutional areas within which such conception is taken up. Hitchcock argues that oscillation augurs a politics that either stocks the legacy of historic materialism and acknowledges the serious fringe of cultural materialism in its method of the social practices of way of life. In a sequence of inventive readings, he rethinks the matter of ideology for Marx and his interpreters (Etienne Balibar in particular); presents a materialist intervention at the prestige of the physique for concept; proposes an research of theories of area and the distance of idea within the period of "cartographic anxiety"; sees the ghosts of materialism oscillating much extra wildly than Derrida may have it; deals a bold method of sneakers and fetishism inside of transnational capitalism; and concludes with a singular lesson on what the theremin, an digital musical software in accordance with oscillators, may possibly train us in regards to the value of feel belief for materialist thought.

As either a descriptive equipment for the country of materialism and a serious software inside a polemic approximately whatmaterialism can do at this juncture, oscillation offers a super key to materialist critique.

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That materialism itself speaks to vital questions of ideology, space, body, fetishism, and spirit is not surprising: the problem is how to link conceptually these levels of inquiry without sacrificing the specificity of each. Oscillation is useful in this regard, but as I have indicated, it comes with a certain liability on which, nevertheless, it must depend. The ambivalence of oscillation is not its own reward, but is symptomatic of the danger in materialism's dynamism. At the risk, however, of offering a formula for a process that appears to deny it, let me piece together the comments above in terms of this book's objectives.

Certainly materialisms have attended to both the mediatory aspects of culture as various ways of living and the productive capacities of cultural expression (evident, most clearly, in the cultural materialism of Raymond Williams). 4 While scientists have often been arrogant about their cognitive abilities, culturalists have overemphasized their epistemological verve. " To think materialism and culture in collision and collusion means to take on the major metatheoretical problems of both. The methodological possibilities that address these emerge from a number of crucial factors: the weakening of historicist and positivist approaches within materialism; the continuing lure of relativism in cultural analysis (intensified to some extent in appeals to multiculturalism); the rediscovery of space as a conceptual coordinate in social theory; the general waning of les grands recits in philosophical and social discourse; the emergent formation of postmodern cultural relations; the burgeoning although asymmetrical political force of the new social movements; and the intensification and globalization of capitalist practice.

No doubt there are better ways to indicate the condition of oscillation that informs this inquiry (right down to the empty parentheses where materialism could be in the title of chapter 5), but I hope that of keeps this sense of tremor alive, if not its adequate articulation. I have begun to suggest why oscillation is a keyword in the materialism of IS AN INTRODUCTORY OSCILLATION the present. We will see that as a metaphor and a concept it can illuminate and facilitate an understanding of the crucial components of materialism at this time in a number of provocative ways.

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