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By Neal Asher

It is a follow-up to The Voyage of the Sable Keech tracing the adventure of an previous Captain, Orbus – a sadist in control of a workforce of masochists - to a planetary barren region known as The Graveyard' mendacity among the Polity and the Prador state. An historic struggle drone by way of the identify of Sniper has stowed away aboard his spaceship, and the aim of the adventure isn't really totally what the captain anticipated. additionally heading within the comparable path is the Prador king and the Prador Vrell. Vrell, having been mutated by way of the Spatterjay virus into whatever strong and hazardous, has seized regulate of a Prador dreadnought, killing a lot of its team, and is rationale on heading again to the Prador 3rd state to specific vengeance at the King of the Prador, who attempted to have him killed. All 3 ships are heading in the direction of a climatic war of words to The Graveyard, the place underlying truths concerning the virus are printed and an historic threat to civilization reappears...

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He resisted the urge to back away a step, compromising by shifting his stance slightly. Head wounds sometimes brought on bizarre ideas and dangerous behavior. Baldur was still staring at him, not so much threatening now as if pleading silently for some kind of help. After a moment Hal cleared his throat and asked with polite curiosity: "What happened next? " Now there was outrage, though not directed at Hal. "When I opened my eyes, I saw that the fighting was over. " The voice of the self-proclaimed dead man was turning shrill.

At the moment he was certainly not on his guard. A short sword was sheathed at his side, and his clothes were so begrimed and tattered that it was hard to guess whether they had originally been of rich material or poor. This newcomer's attention was entirely centered on the great fire itself, whose gentle roar went on unceasingly. The youth continued a methodical progression, as if he were intent on making his way entirely around the ring of flame, reconnoitering just as Hal had done. He even seemed to be making the same tentative efforts to approach the burning wall as closely as he could, but of course the heat kept him yards away.

It's remarkable how those things work, sometimes," Hal acknowledged diplomatically. By now they were strolling together back toward the house.

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