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By Robin Parrish

The go back of NASA's first manned undertaking to Mars was once purported to be a momentous day. but if the workforce loses contact with flooring regulate earlier than access, issues glance bleak. secure after a treacherous touchdown, the staff emerges to find the unthinkable--every guy, lady, baby, and animal has vanished with no hint. by myself now on their domestic planet, the staff units out to find the place all people has gone--and the right way to get them back--only to find they won't be as by myself as they inspiration.

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Alive, and ... alone? Had he passed out on the runway? He remembered the world seeming to spin beneath his feet, and then ... He'd woken up here. His pulse quickened, his breaths coming faster, more shallow. " Chris looked behind to see Owen half walking, half jogging in his direction from somewhere deeper within the building, carrying several small items in his arms. He still wore his flight suit, minus the helmet, and it was then that Chris realized he was still wearing his own flight suit as well.

The earpiece inside his helmet was dead. Okay, Chris. Think. You're in the middle of a dried-up riverbed that we've been studying for weeks. You know your way around this place. Think about landmarks. What's nearby? The wind cleared just enough for him to catch a glimpse of fa red boulder, directly ahead of his position. Burke crawled forward, on hands and knees, and stooped there in the shadow of the larese rock to rest and think. Fighting the dust storm had required all of his strength, every muscle ready to crumple fi°om the effort.

The spiraling was so fast that consoles, tools, dials, and screws were shaken loose and went flying through the compartment in a mad cyclone. Any second a ferocious final surge would separate the command module around them, and they would be sucked out by the explosive oxygen decompression into space. Their bodies would be lost forever, unrecoverable by NASA, drifting forever out in the depths of the universe. That is, if that really was space as he knew it out there in the black. Either way, they would be dead in moments.

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