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By Dr Rider A Perez-Maldonado, Dr Hugh D Rodrigues

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Looking at a link between AA availability and tannin content, it has been reported (Gualtieri and Rapaccini, 1990) that low, intermediate and high tannin sorghums have reduced AA digestible levels of 22, 41 and 73% respectively. , (1996) with a significant inverse relationship between tannin content and digestibility of AAs and true metabolisable energy (corrected for nitrogen). It was also noted that several sorghum varieties of similar tannin content had markedly different nutrient digestibilities, so they concluded that other factors apart from tannins may be involved for this variation.

Therefore AME of the 2005 sorghum samples were determined using classical total collection of excreta and measurements of feed intake (FI) over a 4 d period on four replicate cages of six male broiler chickens (16-21 d old) allowed to become accustomed to the test diets for an initial 3 d period. Diets were mixed, hot pelleted then crumbeled. 5) and, threonine (1). Feed samples and total excreta produced were collected mixed and then and sub-sampled for gross energy and N determination using methods described previously.

Free tannins 2. protein-bound and 3. fibre-bound (Perez-Maldonado, 1994; Barry and Forss, 1983). The present study investigated the digestibility of both free and bound CT in the small intestine with the aim of understanding CT metabolism in the chicken digestive system and its interaction with the other main nutrients. Therefore from the results obtained in broilers and with other published works on ruminants, an attempt will be made to understand how CT may influence broiler nutrient metabolism and digestion.

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