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By Rosa Ainley *Nfa*, Rosa Ainley

This assortment unravels the stereotypical pictures of gender and area and offers a chain of recent explorations into either 'lived' and 'imagined' areas. In New Frontiers of house, our bodies and Gender best modern writers from throughout an eclectic mixture of disciplines, study an exhilarating array of matters akin to: * Jamaican Ragga song and feminine functionality * Feminist anti-violence paintings * Pregnant women's event of purchasing centres * the phobia of crime felt by means of ladies utilizing city greenspace * Implications of expertise in gendering identities This booklet forges new parameters for debates of gender and area, abandoning the easy concentrate on women-as-victim within the public area and remapping issues of area which glance past bricks and mortar. members: Aylish wooden, Robyn Longhurst, Ali supply, Lesley Klein, Affrica Taylor, Inga-Lisa Sangregorio, Jacqueline Leavitt, Tracey Skelton, Nina Wakeford, Jos Boys, Sally R. Munt, Doreen Massey, Jacquie Burgess, Maher Anjum, Lynne Walker.

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We see pregnant women everywhere, from the night club to the formal dinner, and it is only a few old die-hards who mutter under their breath about unseemly display’ (Davis-Floyd 1986: 47). Nowadays it is supposedly possible to be pregnant, attractive and sexy yet this research indicates that Centre Place opens up little discursive or material space for expectant mothers to be ‘styleconscious’, instead pregnant women’s bodies are reinscripted as ‘kooky’. There is little doubt that changes have begun to occur in the discursive constructions of pregnancy: consider, for example, the appearance of actor and model Demi Moore on the cover of the glossy magazine Vanity Fair naked and eight months pregnant (see Jackson 1993: 220–1) and Joanna Paul (a New Zealand current affairs television reporter) on the cover of a magazine New Spirit ‘heavily’ pregnant.

On the mechanism of pride/shame see my Heroic Desire: Lesbian Identity and Cultural Space (London: Cassell, 1997 and New York: New York University Press, 1997). This chapter is an abridged version of ‘The Lesbian Nation’, which was published in that volume. 19 2 (Re)presenting shopping centres and bodies Questions of pregnancy Robyn Longhurst Many geographical knowledges tend to be premised on a dualism between mind and body (Longhurst 1995). What is more, the divisions between mind and body are gendered/sexed.

Individual interview) Being able to walk around Centre Place and feel exempt from the ‘slim culture’ can be enormously empowering. For some women pregnancy offers an escape from feeling that they need to appear extraordinarily fit, trim, cheerful, playful, exciting, sexy and youthful. Becoming a mother can offer new and different roles for women. ’ Yet, interestingly, there are few spaces in Centre Place that promote (stereotypical notions of) domesticity and motherhood. As stated earlier Centre Place is not anchored by a department store or supermarket – it is comprised of speciality stores.

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