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By C. Auclair (auth.), Patrick Boisseau, Philippe Houdy, Marcel Lahmani (eds.)

Nanobiotechnology is a speedily constructing box of analysis. Ever extra purposes are rising from all branches of nanobiotechnology in medication, pharmacy, cosmetics, chemical and agro-industry. The ebook offers the fundamentals, basic effects and newest achievements of nanobiotechnological study. It extends so far as promising functions of recent nanomaterials and newly came across nanoeffects. also, a wide number of nanobio-analysis tools is gifted.

The e-book will entice graduate scholars, researchers and engineers.

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Impact of CpG methylation on structure, dynamics and solvation of cAMP DNA responsive element, Nucleic Acids Research 29 (11), 2314 (2001) 31. : Dissection of the methyl-CpG binding domain from the chromosomal protein MeCP2, Nucleic Acids Res. 21, 4886 (1993) 32.

1 Geometry of the DNA Double Helix The conformation originally described by Watson and Crick was a double helix known as the B conformation (see Fig. 1), which is the one must often observed in the natural state. However, the double helix can occur in three geometric forms denoted A, B and Z, characterised in particular by different degrees of hydration. These various conformations of the DNA are made possible by an extraordinary level of geometric freedom allowed between the constituents of DNA.

Globally, the formation of Z helices near promoter sequences seems to stimulate transcription. It seems likely that the possibility of conformational transitions in regions of high topological stress provide a way of minimising the energy required for the process to go ahead, or even a way of temporarily stabilising favourable architectural arrangements. From a structural point of view, the coexistence of B and Z forms raises many questions, and the architectural arrangement of the helix at the B–Z junction always seemed somewhat mysterious, until teams led by A.

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