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By Fionn Murtagh, André Heck (auth.)

Interest in statistical technique is expanding so swiftly within the astronomical neighborhood that obtainable introductory fabric during this region is lengthy late. This publication fills the distance via offering a presentation of the main invaluable ideas in multivariate data.
A wide-ranging annotated set of common and astronomical bibliographic references follows each one bankruptcy, supplying invaluable entry-points for learn staff in all astronomical sub-disciplines.
even supposing the functions thought of specialise in astronomy, the algorithms used should be utilized to comparable difficulties in different branches of technological know-how. Fortran courses are supplied for plenty of of the tools described.

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It represents a set of representative spectral intensity values versus wavelength for 18 main sequence stars. The reference spectra are of type 0, B3, B5, B8, AO, A5, FO, F5, GO, G5, KO, K3, K5, K7, MO, M2, M4, and M5. More intensity values were initially present for each star, but in order to arrive at features of relevance the values at the beginning, end and middle of the wavelength range 350-530 nm were taken. The subsets of the original spectra, thus defined, encompassed the essential characteristics of downward sloping spectra being associated with and B stars, and generally upward sloping spectra associated with K and M stars.

At least N-l; Z = matrix of dims. NM by N containing. on output. eigenvectors; IERR = error. normally O. but 1 if no convergence. C C Normally the call to TQL2 will be preceded by a call to TRED2 in C order to set up the tridiagonal matrix. • Num. Math. 11. C 293-306, 1968. , Matrix Eigensystem Routines - EISPACK C Guide, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6, Springer-verlag, C 1976, pp. 468-474. C C---------------------------------______________________ _ 41 42 CHAPTER 2. IERR) REAL D(N), E(N).

The following subroutines are called from the main PCA routine. CHAPTER 2. PRINCIPAL COMPONENTS ANALYSIS 34 1. CORCOL determines correlations. 2. COVCOL determines covariances. 3. SCPCOL determines sums of squares and cross-products. 4. TRED2 reduces a symmetric matrix to tridiagonal form. 5. TQL2 derives eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a tridiagonal matrix. 6. OUTMAT outputs a matrix. 7. OUTHMT outputs a diagonal half-matrix. 8. OUTEVL outputs eigenvalues. 9. OUTEVC outputs eigenvectors. 10. OUTPRX outputs projections of row-points.

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