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By Michael A. Orloff

This booklet relies on a different TRIZ fundamentals distant studying expertise designed by way of the writer. It includes greater than 250 examples, assignments and recommendations, and an in-depth dialogue of methodological tips about functional implementation of theoretical postulates.
It doesn't require any unique initial education, and will be utilized by someone who needs to grasp TRIZ fundamentals independently.
The ebook is usually recommended for technical experts, whatever the volume in their familiarity with TRIZ, and for college students in engineering.

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For example, what do we do to avoid sharpening the lead? This, as a minimum, points to the objective of improvement. Stage 2. Reducing. Identify causes of the problem in the form of contradictions (see above). It becomes clear that attainment of the stated objective is contingent upon elimination of contradictions. Indeed, if we do not have to sharpen the lead, no time or material will be lost! Ideal Final Result! Stage 3. Inventing. Key idea: make lead of the required diameter in advance! Also, structure the pencil so that the user can extend the lead as necessary, and replace it with a new lead when it is spent.

It is a well-known fact that ocean-going vessels use up huge quantities of fuel and have to "carry about" fuel stocks instead of more payload. Also, the higher the speed, the higher the fuel consumption rate. Naturally, intensive fuel consumption results in intensive environmental contamination (ocean water). 11. Lord of the Wheels. 6 The Invisible in the Obvious, discussion of Problem 30 referred to the fact that the Honda U3-X scooter can move in any direction! 2 Original Concepts 31 Literally in any direction: to change direction, the rider can stop and start moving, for example, at right angles to the previous direction… without ever turning the wheel!

Yes, insurance is a truly valuable invention! 26. Safety Belt. It is a well-known fact that safety belts save numerous lives in car accidents – which occur when the driver becomes exhausted, or fails to notice a patch of ice or promptly react to an animal jumping into his headlights out of nowhere. Safety belts also help us win the war waged, both against themselves and against all others, by irresponsible individuals which violate traffic rules. 40 Principles of TRIZ Rules where virtually each paragraph is written in blood.

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