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By Stergios Chatzikyriakidis, Zhaohui Luo

This e-book is a collective quantity that stories the state-of-the-art within the functions of kind concept to linguistic semantics. the amount fills a 20 12 months hole from the final released e-book at the factor and aspires to deliver researchers in the direction of leading edge choices in formal semantics learn. It involves unpublished paintings through a few key researchers on quite a few concerns concerning the kind theoretical research of formal semantics and additional exemplifies some great benefits of utilizing sleek kind theoretical methods to linguistic semantics. subject matters which are lined contain smooth advancements of style theories in formal semantics, foundational concerns in linguistic semantics like anaphora, modality and plurals, innovational interdisciplinary study just like the creation of chance thought to variety theories in addition to computational implementations of sort theoretical methods. This quantity can be of significant curiosity to formal semanticists which are searching for alternative routes to review linguistic semantics, yet may also be of curiosity to theoretical desktop scientists and mathematicians which are drawn to the functions of style theory.

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3, the SRs for the first and the second sentences in (54) can be derived as (55a) and (55b), respectively. ⎤ ⎡ x : entity v: ⎦ car(x) (55) a. λc. ⎣ buy(j, π1 v) x : entity x : entity b. λc. check π1 @1 c : , π1 @2 c : male(x) motor(x) Here the pronoun he introduces the underspecified term @1 to which the Σ-type (x : entity) × male(x) is annotated. Then by combining the two SRs using the dynamic conjunction and then simplifying the resulting expression, the SR for the whole discourse in (54) is derived as follows.

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