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Reading different ways that info may be accrued and analyzed for examine on crime and felony justice, this booklet offers with social surveys, experimental equipment, reliable records, commentary and designated interviews. This sensible textual content contains sections on: * tools of criminological examine * forms of facts* measuring and explaining crime * learning the felony justice process * gaining entry* publishing effects. all through, it emphasizes the need of studying kinds of information assortment and research in the context of the criminological difficulties being investigated, the theoretical methods used to deal with those difficulties, and the political and institutional contexts during which examine happens.

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Cohen and Taylor’s experience was that Home Office officials, and not local prison governors, were the main gatekeepers to placate. Although initial stages of the investigation were completed, access to the prisoners became problematic and the inquiry was subsequently closed. ) Following their own experiences, Cohen and Taylor summarize some of the problems which prison researchers are likely to encounter: Criminals who find themselves in institutions like prisons become in a real sense the ‘property’ of the Home Office: when a prisoner enters through the gates, the prison officer in charge signs a paper certifying that he has ‘received the body of the prisoner’….

Research of this type can be distinguished from that which suggests that social processes, social structure, and the way in which this structure historically evolves, are just as important, if not more so, in any explanation of crime. In the main, this type of research emanates from the sociological tradition within criminology. This tradition has many strands to it. One of these is what we have previously termed sociological positivism, with its emphasis upon the METHODS OF RESEARCH 31 social structural determinants of criminal behaviour.

Like other agencies of social control and like some client serving bureaucracies, the police organization erects barriers against prying outsiders and endeavours to present a favourable image of itself to the extent of justifying and even falsifying accounts for public consumption. These structural features of isolation and secrecy, coupled with the intrinsic dangers of police work, help to form an occupational culture which is solidaristic, and wary of non-initiates. The researcher’s task becomes, then, how to outwit the institutional obstacle course to gain entry and how to penetrate the minefield of social defences to reach the inner reality of police work.

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