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Wondering approximately climate? study mom Nature's secrets

Meteorology Demystified provides an entire rationalization of crucial actual and clinical recommendations earlier than delving right into a extra certain check climate phenomena.

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Meteorology Demystified

Puzzling over approximately climate? study mom Nature's secrets and techniques Meteorology Demystified offers an entire rationalization of crucial actual and clinical innovations earlier than delving right into a extra precise verify climate phenomena.

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Patterns emerge on all scales: planet-wide, hemispheric, regional, and local. The behavior of the atmosphere in any given location also varies with altitude above the surface. LAYERS OF THE ATMOSPHERE The lowest layer of the atmosphere, rising from the surface to approximately 18 km (11 mi) altitude, is the troposphere. This is where all weather occurs; most of the clouds are found here. In the upper parts of the troposphere, high-speed “rivers of air” travel around the planet. The strongest of these “rivers,” called jet streams, blow in a generally west–to–east direction between 30 degrees north latitude (30°N) and 60 degrees north latitude (60°N), and between 30 degrees south latitude (30°S) and 60 degrees south latitude (60°S).

THE CELSIUS (OR CENTIGRADE) SCALE Up until now, we’ve been talking rather loosely about temperature, and have usually expressed it in terms of the Celsius or centigrade scale (°C). This is based on the behavior of water at the surface of the earth, under normal atmospheric pressure, and at sea level. If you have a sample of ice and you begin to warm it up, it will eventually start to melt as it accepts heat from the environment. The ice, and the liquid water produced as it melts, is assigned a temperature value of 0°C by convention (Fig.

The mass density of chlorine gas is considerably greater than that of air. Because of this, if a lot of chlorine gas is present in a swimming pool enclosure with poor ventilation and poor air circulation, the chlorine gas (a) tends to settle near the floor and the pool surface. (b) tends to rise to the ceiling. (c) does not diffuse into the air at all. (d) precipitates out of the air as chlorine bleach. 3. Suppose 2 g of pure water vapor at +100°C condenses completely and becomes liquid water at +100°C.

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