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50 STRATEGIES FOR SURVIVING BULLYING AT WORK CHAPTER THREE Strategy 2: Understand the reasons “ I had the best of worlds: a good family, a lovely home and an exciting career as a primary school headmistress. I ran the school like clockwork and implemented an anti-bullying program. For five years, everyone respected and praised me. Just after I obtained government registration for the school, there was bullying, malicious rumours and death threats against me. My staff became disrespectful, outspoken and militant and my sister witnessed staff plotting to get rid of me.

Evelyn M. Field Being bullied can be a devastating experience that arouses conflicting emotions. You need to accept it as a life-altering experience. You will never be the same. When people offer me their stories, years after the experience of bullying, I can see emotional scarring on their faces and in the way they react. Once you identify and confront your feelings about yourself and everyone else involved with the bullying, you can release them constructively instead of internalising them, feeling powerless and becoming paralysed.

There is also growing evidence of the impact of stress, anxiety, trauma and anger on the immune system, which increases the likelihood of illnesses such as eczema, ulcers, heart attacks and cancer. Emotions affect every part of your physical, cognitive, social and emotional health. They can sabotage your normal bodily functions and change your ability to think, relate and take action. The evidence is clear and alarming: stress hormones are extremely powerful; fear and anger create bio-chemical havoc.

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