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The Mayo medical institution promotes way of life alterations to lessen hypertension, supporting readers make these adjustments through offering solutions to questions about vitamin, workout, and medicine.

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When your heart muscle enlarges, it can weaken and become less efficient. Basically, it requires more strength to pump less blood. This can lead to heart failure. In this condition, your heart isn't able to pump the blood returning to it fast enough. As a result, fluid can back up and start to accumulate in your lungs, legs and other tissues. Accumulation of fluid is called edema (uh-DEE-muh). When fluid collects in your lungs, it leads to shortness of breath. Buildup of fluid in your legs causes your feet and ankles to swell.

In more advanced stages, an aneurysm in a brain artery can lead to a severe headache that doesn't go away. An advanced abdominal aneurysm may cause constant pain in your abdomen or lower back. Occasionally, during a physical examination, a doctor can detect an abdominal aneurysm by feeling the pulsating vessel while pressing lightly on your abdomen. The sooner high blood pressure is controlled, the less chance that these blood vessel diseases will occur or become severe. Your Heart High blood pressure can damage your heart in three significant ways.

As opposed to essential high blood pressure, which doctors can treat but not cure, secondary high blood pressure often can be cured. Once the underlying disease or condition is corrected, blood pressure typically decreases. In many people, their blood pressure returns to normal. Causes The following are illnesses and conditions that can lead to secondary high blood pressure. They differ from the illnesses listed on the previous page in that they can actually cause high blood pressure, not just increase your risk for it.

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