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By William Johnston

As Agent 86 for keep watch over, Max clever has usually matched wits with the evil operatives of KAOS, whereas the destiny of the full unfastened international hung within the stability. yet now, assigned to Operation Button, Button, Who'll Punch the Button, he's confronted with one other terrifying problem, for this time it's the destiny of keep watch over that hangs within the balance—and that suggests Max's task is endangered!

Through a marvelous stroke of fine good fortune, keep an eye on has in its ownership KAOS's Little Black e-book, with entire information of the positioning, format and operational constitution of each one in all KAOS's installations. keep watch over additionally has a strong explosive, so tiny that it may be hid in any objective zone and detonated from afar. therefore it's in Control's energy to spoil KAOS completely.

But via a dazzling stroke of undesirable good fortune, KAOS has in its ownership Control's Little Black ebook, jam-packed with its top-secret destinations, and KAOS has additionally built a equally robust explosive.

The race is on—who goes to infiltrate the opposing installations and push the button first? Will it's wise, smart Max shrewdpermanent, or will it's the sly and sneaky KAOS males? And what is going to be the dire consequences—for with Max clever in at the motion, you simply be aware of the results should be very dire certainly!

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