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By Gerald E. Sacks

This useful booklet is a suite of 31 vital -- either in principles and effects -- papers released by means of mathematical logicians within the twentieth Century. The papers were chosen by means of Professor Gerald E Sacks. many of the authors are Godel, Kleene, Tarski, A Robinson, Kreisel, Cohen, Morley, Shelah, Hrushovski and Woodin.

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35^1 (1973) [PS] Jensen, R. B. The Fine Structure of the Constructible Hierarchy, Annals of Math. Logic vol. 4, no. 3 pp. 229 - 308 (1972). 41 T H I JOURNAL or SYMBOLIC LOGIC Volunw 23, Number 3, Sept. 1958 THREE THEOREMS ON RECURSIVE ENUMERATION. I. DECOMPOSITION. II. MAXIMAL SET. III. ENUMERATION WITHOUT DUPLICATION RICHARD M. FRIEDBERG In this paper we shall prove three theorems about recursively enumerable sets. The first two answer questions posed by Myhill [1]. The three proofs are independent and can be presented in any order.

X^ | i < oi} c J . Then R n J is not well founded. But R n J— is well founded and p' is admissible. t. f" : J- —»• p" and xR"y — > • f"(x) < f"(y). Let f = 7(7). Then f : J is well founded. >• p and xRy — • f(x) < f(y). Hence R n J Contradiction ! QED (Claim) Set: y = IT(Y)I P = ~(p) • Let h, h be the canonical 1^ Skolem functions for , resp. Set Y = h"(u x j Y < x and T is a cardinal in L, we have: Y x {p}). Then Y € L. Since < T. By the definition of Y, P we have: J- = h"(u x j _ x {p}).

T. f : z cofinally for some amenable the zn standard code and the Z n standard parameter of a. t.

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