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This new e-book used to be written to supply scholars and operators with examples of various varied difficulties that would be encountered either at the activity and for Grades 1 & 2 certification tests. This booklet is split into 4 major components: a evaluation of important numbers and rounding; chapters on math by way of perform checks; and appendices. every one challenge is gifted with simply steps and reviews to facilitate knowing. incorporated after every one grade point are exams that will help you make certain the place your strengths or weaknesses are. Appendices comprise conversion elements, wastewater therapy equations, chemistry tables, depth-to-diameter tables, and circulation charts of wastewater therapy approaches

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How many lb/day of volatile solids (VS) are sent to a digester, if 56% by weight of the 2,344 lb/day of solids sent to the digester are volatile? 64, round to 1,300 lb/day of VS 41. Given the following data, how many lb/day of volatile solids (VS) are pumped to a digester? indb 22 1/13/2009 3:27:29 PM Wastewater Treatment—Grade 1 42. Given the following data, how many lb/day of volatile solids (VS) are pumped to a digester? 69, round to 1,500 lb/day of VS CALCULATIONS FOR ARITHMETIC MEAN, MEDIAN, RANGE, MODE, AND GEOMETRIC MEAN These calculations are good tools for planning and evaluating plant processes.

65 mgd. 31 mgd, what should the chlorine dosage be increased to assuming all other parameters remain the same? Set up a ratio. Chlorine dosage1, mg/L Chlorine dosage2, mg/L = Flow1, mgd Flow2, mgd Rearrange the ratio to solve for chlorine dosage2. Chlorine dosage2, mg/L = (Chlorine dosage1, mg/L) ( Flow2, mgd) Flow1, mgd Substitute values and solve. 65 mgd PERCENT AND PPM CONVERSION PROBLEMS These problems are a good refresher for the student or operator. They are important because they are used in some dosage and mixture problems.

Calculate the arithmetic mean of BOD5, mg/L and use the exact rule for rounding. indb 25 1/13/2009 3:27:30 PM Math for Wastewater Treatment Operators Grades 1 and 2 b. Determine the median of BOD5 mg/L. To determine the median, put the chlorine dosages in ascending order and choose the middle value. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 23 28 29 32 32 34 35 In this case the middle value is 32 mg/L BOD5 c. Determine the range of BOD5 mg/L. Equation: Range = Largest value - Smallest value Range, mg/L = 35 mg/L - 23 mg/L = 12 mg/L BOD5 d.

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