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By Mark Twain

An anthology encompassing The Prince and the Pauper, A Connecticut Yankee, and Joan of Arc good points Twain's innovative reports of the center a long time, in a kid's vintage, a particular comic-violent fable, and a deferential fictional biography.

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The laughter ceased on the instant, and fury took its place. A dozen shouted "Hale him forth! To the horse-pond, to the horse-pond! Where be the dogs? Ho, there, Lion! " Then followed such a thing as England had never seen beforethe sacred person of the heir to the throne rudely buffeted by plebeian hands, and set upon and torn by dogs. Page 25 As night drew to a close that day, the prince found himself far down in the close-built portion of the city. His body was bruised, his hands were bleeding, and his rags were all besmirched with mud.

The princess Elizabeth's quick eye saw by the serene blankness of the target's front that the shaft was overshot; so she tranquilly delivered a return volley of sounding Greek on Tom's behalf, and then straightway changed the talk to other matters. Time wore on pleasantly, and likewise smoothly, on the whole. Snags and sandbars grew less and less frequent, and Tom grew more and more at his ease, seeing that all were so lovingly bent upon helping him and overlooking his mistakes. When it came out that the little ladies were to accompany him to the Lord Mayor's banquet in the evening, his heart gave a bound of relief and delight, for he felt that he should not be friendless, now, among that multitude of strangers; whereas, an hour earlier, the idea of their going with him would have been an insupportable terror to him.

Am I to be balked of my will? is the prince to tarry uninstalled because, forsooth, the realm lacketh an earl marshal free of treasonable taint to invest him with his honors? No, by the splendor of God! "* Lord Hertford said "The king's will is law;" and rising, returned to his former place. Gradually the wrath faded out of the old king's face, and he said "Kiss me, my prince. There. what fearest thou? " "Thou art good to me, that am unworthy, oh, mighty and gracious lordthat in truth I know. I know thy heart is still the same, even though thy mind hath suffered hurtfor thou wert ever of a gentle spirit.

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