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By por René Guillet... Jean Benéty. Prefacio del profesor: J.R. Cabot... Versión... del doctor E. Martínez Alba

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Must be balanced against one If certain fixations remain, lesion, just another to determine the most as with the primary lesion, will be analyzed by to the area to be treated, in order to find To review, after finishing the primary lesion and its dominant form the recoil. '" our general examination method requires too much ''-''''-'UF. ,,, .... spent doing testing is always time gained will 42 possible a very efficient treatment. MECHANICAL LINK Copyrighted Material tests relevant upon which we will perform the next adjustment.

At any location in the body, we can identify all osteopathic fixations with just one test. That test consists of putting the tissue under tension with manual pressure or manual traction. We can also normalize all osteo­ pathic fixations with just one adjustment. That adjustment is the recoil (described in Chapter 6). Mechanical Link allows us to approach all cases of a lesional nature, even the most complex cases, with simplicity and coherence. Etiology of the Osteopathic Lesion Any factor that starts that scarring process may also be the cause of an osteopathic lesion.

Figure 10 Gl obal Test of the Occiput The Tests Copyrighted Material 37 The Inhibitory Balancing Test This takes us to the heart of the Mechanical Link method: the balanc­ ing system that represents a modus operandi for discovering the primary lesion. • With the observation of the posture, the total lesion is visible. • With the global test, the total lesion is readable. • With the inhibitory balancing test, the total lesion becomes intelligible. The balancing system allows us to decipher the lesional pattern of the patient.

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