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By John Twyning

In the Early glossy interval, great emigration, besides political competition among the court docket and town, reshaped London's social topography and human panorama. This e-book examines the areas and identities which characterised the altering city. From tours into associations like Bedlam, Bridewell, and the Theatre, in addition to exploring the fewer formal locations and practices of London, similar to prostitution, the suburbs, and the style parades at St Paul's stroll, a brand new means of seeing town turns into open to us.

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Founded by a ‘worthy citizen’, according to Stow, Bedlam was part of a long dispute between the Crown and the City dating back to at least the fourteenth century. Over the years London’s City Fathers sought to purchase institutional control in the name of social justice. The cash-strapped Crown often took the money but attempted, usually successfully, to hold on to its powers of influence and patronage. Bedlam’s exhaustive and diligent biographer, E. D. 6 More than just social etiquette, the phrase ‘as it should please the king’ revealed deep political tensions.

72 This neatly describes the functional ability of theatrical characters on stage and in the asylum who, when dramatized, can be made to embody the very problems for which they have become the focus. 48). 73 Being ‘all words’ was what the audience unflaggingly demanded. ’75 In Dekker and Middleton’s Bedlam we see that pantomime: we see the mad spending their speech, running riot with language and an unchecked passion which chaotically spills over into farcical arguments and absurd dialogue, drawing into their linguistically disruptive mêlée anyone who comes near.

All the while, his disobedient daughter, once revived, actively eludes his commands. So much for patriarchy. 101). 97 The ‘patriarchal principle’, rather than being able to ‘save the LSS-01(20-53) 40 11/14/97 9:00 AM Page 40 London Dispossessed situation’, as Tennenhouse describes, structures its own fragile state. 98 In demarcating the limits of the Duke’s influence, the writers allow us to scrutinize that authority by bringing it into the asylum. Before the Duke can enact his power-play, he becomes ensnared in the intractable and fraught world of Bedlam where the symbolic force of its historical limits, failings, and contradictions, are grounded.

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