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By C. Norman Shealy

Virtually a century of study has proven that the main conscientious contributors get pleasure from longer and more fit lives. The the most important function of conscientiousness is being equipped and liable, that are the features that give a contribution so much to society more often than not. regrettably, a few contributors fail to accomplish their maximum power simply because they didn't identify the nurturing, bonding approach that's such a lot crucial for overall healthiness, happiness, and good fortune. during this publication, you'll find the instruments to optimize your vanity, healthiness, and longevity.
In the Sixties, using transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation (TENS) took acupuncture to a brand new point, revolutionizing soreness administration. Now crucial acupuncture development in 4,000 years is the activation of the hormone oxytocin with out needles or electric stimulation. by utilizing crucial oils on acupuncture issues, you are going to create the “bliss” that allows you to satisfy your strength for conscientious living.
Based on study of the prior twenty years, it truly is now attainable so you might turn on 5 particular acupuncture circuits. utilizing this technique, you will:

restoration dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), an important health-enhancing hormone
advance your calcitonin, the fundamental thyroid hormone for protecting bone energy and decreasing pain
lessen loose radicals, the scavengers that primarily put on out or “rust” your body
stability your aldosterone, the adrenal hormone liable for water and potassium health
turn on your an important bonding, nurturing hormone—oxytocin—the final bliss hormone!

Using particular blends of normal crucial oils, you are able to do your personal transcutaneous acupuncture—with no needles and in just 30 seconds!
This is a strong route to conscientious dwelling that allows you to stay an extended, fitter, and happier life—helping your self, and, for that reason, assisting others.

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