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Folk Tales from Africa: The Baboons Who Went This Way and That

A chicken that may be milked? a guy with a tree starting to be out of his head? a lady with young children made up of wax? allow Alexander McCall Smith once more take you and your children to a land the place the unusual is daily and magic is actual, with extra illustrated tales from the lady Who Married A Lion, his social gathering of African folktales.

Salt Dancers

Salt Dancers is instantly an excellent portrait of an American kin, a narrative of the secrets and techniques households protect, and a relocating account of 1 woman's trip again to a earlier jam-packed with elusive stories and suppressed rage. Why did Julia's mom disappear at some point with out quite a bit as a observe? How did a loving father who taught her any such appealing factor because the salt dance turn into this sort of terrifying and abusive presence?

The Forsyte Saga: Volume 2

During this moment a part of John Galworthy's trilogy of affection, strength, funds and family members feuding, a brand new iteration has arrived to divide the Forsyte extended family with society scandals and conflicting passions

Triphiodorus, 'The Sack of Troy': A General Study and a Commentary

The final complete remark at the Sack of Troy used to be released by way of Wernicke in 1819 or even the latest analyses of the poem are inclined to see it as a brief halt within the evolution of epic poetry on its approach in the direction of Nonnus of Panopolis. This e-book deals an entire remedy of The Sack of Troy for its personal sake.

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