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This office building is located in an urban environment with a wind velocity of 70 mph and in seismic zone 4. For this investigation, an average building total dead load of 192 psf is used. Soil conditions are unknown. 470 k 25(12)=300’ 2638 k 2(300)/3=200’ 300/2=150’ 1523 k 7(25)=175’ 84000 k 3108 k 5(20)=100’ Solution: 1. 20) Structural Engineering 2–16 LOADS Draft 2. 16 sec. 7 sec. 3. 22) 4. 4; I=1, RW =12 5. 23) 6. 24-b) 7. 26) 8. let us check if wind load governs. 27) The magnitude of the total seismic load is clearly larger than the total wind force.

This loading must be placed such that maximum stresses are produced. 1 45 Impact Load Other Important Considerations Load Combinations Live loads specified by codes represent the maximum possible loads. 5 Other Important Considerations 2–19 Draft The likelihood of all these loads occurring simultaneously is remote. Hence, building codes allow certain reduction when certain loads are combined together. 46 47 Furthermore, structures should be designed to resist a combination of loads. ) requires that the following load combinations be considered: 49 1.

4 LOADS Tributary Areas For preliminary analysis, the tributary area of a structural component will determine the total applied load. 54 For a slab simply supported over four linear supports, we may have a one way or tow way action if the ratio a/b is greater or smaller than two respectively, Fig. 15. 55 Whereas we will be focusing on the design of a reinforced concrete or steel section, we must keep in mind the following: 56 1. The section is part of a beam or girder. 2. The beam or girder is really part of a three dimensional structure in which load is transmitted from any point in the structure to the foundation through any one of various structural forms.

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