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By Bernhard Bischoff

First released in 1979, this paintings, via the best residing authority on medieval palaeography, bargains the main complete and updated account in any language of the historical past of Latin script. It incorporates a targeted account of the position of the publication in cultural background from antiquity to the Renaissance and descriptions the background of e-book illumination. through environment the advance of Latin script in its cultural context, it presents an unrivalled creation to the character of medieval Latin tradition.

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To write in letters of gold, take some mercury, pour it in a suitable vessel, and add to it some gold in leaves; when the gold appears dissolved in the mercury, agitate sharply; add a little gum, 1 grain for example, and, (after) letting stand, write in the letters of gold. 38. For Giving to Objects o f Copper the Appearance o f Gold. And neither touch nor rubbing against the touchstone^ will detect them, but they can serve especially for (the manufacture of) a ring of fine appearance. Here is the preparation for this.

A shoot of gold, which is so dense as to be very hard, and takes a black color, is termed adamant. There is also another kind which has parts nearly like gold, and of which there are several species; it is denser than gold, and it contains a small and fine portion of earth and is therefore harder, yet also lighter because of the great interstices which it has within itself, and this substance, which is one of the bright and denser kinds of water, when solidified is called copper. [59b-c] In setting forth the interconvertibility o f the elements and primacy o f change in the natural order o f things, Plato provides the prototype for alchemical transmutation.

4, 379b 10-26] In this paragraph, Aristotle’s views on the opposing principles that result in the formation o f metals anticipate the later sulphur-mercury theory. ARISTOTLE Homogeneous bodies differ to touch by these affections and differences, as we have said. They also differ in respect of their smell, taste, and colour. By homogeneous bodies I mean, for instance, the stuffs that are mined - gold, copper, silver, tin, iron, stone, and everything else of this kind and the bodies that are extracted from th em ...

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