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A. Miskimin, "Monetary Movements and Market Structure- Forces for Contraction in Fourteenth- and Fifteenth-century England"]', in J. econ. Hist. XXIV (I 964) 494-5. Such a contradictory pattern may be seen in Flanders and Brabant in the fifteenth century (R. ',in R. Nord, XLIII (I96I) 28I-3 I7)• 3 E. Carpentier and J. Glenisson, 'La Demographie fran~se au xive siecle', in Annates, XVII (I962) I09-29. The total population of France in IpS has been estimated at just under I2,25o,ooo (F. Lot, 'L'Etat des paroisses et des feux de I328', in Bib/.

5 September 1 340; as far as the war aims of the English government were concerned it had brought them only a useful alliance with the Flemish towns in rebellion against their count and perhaps a diversion of French interest from the Gascon frontier. The north and the south-west remained theatres of war, the first intermittently, the second almost permanently. In the south-west, French pressure developed; but the English found in the Breton successiondispute the opportunity again to create a diversion of French military strength northward, as well as an adherent in Jean de Montfort on the English case to the sovereignty of France.

The king of England claimed the throne of France. Alter1 Foedera, ed. T. Rymer, IV, part 2 (The Hague, 1740) pp. 19o-1. z Wylie and Waugh, op. cit. III 39-41; A. Leguai, 'Le ProbU:me des ran~ons au xve siecle: Ia captivite de Jean 1er, due de Bourbon', in Cah. Hist. VI (1961) 41-18. 3 Delachenal, op. cit. pp. 339 ff. WARFARE 43 natively, he claimed his inheritance in France to hold in full sovereignty. Admission of these claims might be forced upon his opponent by a number of other means than by mere military activity.

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