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By Jean de La Fontaine

Notwithstanding they have been first written over three hundred years in the past, this can be the 1st entire English translation of Jean de los angeles Fontaine's comedic vintage Contes et nouvelles en vers. either sexually charged and wickedly humorous, los angeles Fontaine's Tales will shock readers who comprehend him in basic terms from his paintings on fables for kids. notwithstanding the writing is extra suggestive than vulgar, it nonetheless has the ability to surprise readers unprepared for the darkness that inhabits those poems. integrated are approximately seventy illustrations courting from the 18th and nineteenth centuries, a lot of them infrequent, in addition to vast remark by way of the editor

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No one I have ever known 50 BOOK TWO Had the sweetness you have shown Nor the beauty I behold. ” She showed she was not averse To receiving further praise By pretending now to raise Objections to his adulation. He then made enumeration Of each lovely attribute, With descriptions most minute That would have been more detailed Were it not that some were veiled. Those beauties that he could not see He said he wished that she would free From their undeserved confinement. Then he could with more refinement Carry out the dear assignment Of describing her delights.

It’s Mars who’s come by to court her, With no spouse around to thwart her. Just coquettes and beaux, Ribbons and bows, Flirtation and games, Gallants and dames, Good humor and wit: All that is fit For such an affair. That’s what I see there... But wait! Ye gods, it’s her spouse! He’s throwing guests out of the house. Yet what does he gain by making such noise? Once two such hearts have tasted Love’s joys They’ll go to the ends of the earth Rather than suffer a dearth Of the expression Of their affection.

He soon won her heart. Perhaps he did impart Some sense of his desire, Of how he was on fire For her myriad charms. Unless of war’s alarms He spoke instead: Of combats led, Of palisades And cannonades, Of ballistics, Statistics, Of battles won and lost. Although this could exhaust The patience of his hearer, She found him all the dearer For it. The more it Excited her The more his talk delighted her. See how in this deserted spot She shows the warrior what’s she got By way of physical attraction.

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