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When test cases are constructed painfully by hand, or even reported in the field, then this makes sense—test cases are valuable, compared to the developer’s time. When a new failing case can be generated in seconds, then this no longer makes sense. Perhaps the next run of QuickCheck will find a smaller case, and save much diagnostic effort! It makes sense to generate several failing cases, and choose the simplest to work with, rather than rush into debugging as soon as the first failure is found. Or, if the cases found are overcomplex, it may be worthwhile to improve the shrinking strategy, and see whether that leads to a simpler case to debug.

Many interesting problems, requiring significant computational resources do arise in Bioinformatics. g. protein, DNA or RNA molecules) from a sequence of partially overlapping fragments of the polymer obtained in some experimental setting. Other problems are related to the behaviour of biochemical systems, in particular metabolic pathways, that study the interaction of molecules along the time. e. when genes become active and produce the corresponding enzymes and other proteins. Finally, structural problems, such as the determination of the three-dimensional structure of proteins and other molecules, are also very important.

E. maintaining generalised arc-consistency, achieves better propagation than simply considering, one at a time, distance constraints between all the pairs of the atoms in the group (simple arc-consistency). This improvement is typical of reasoning with global constraints in constraint programming settings, and close to all-different reasoning [5], although with different domains. This section briefly outlines how generalised arc consistency is achieved with global rigid-group constraints. Given a fixed orientation, it is trivial to reduce the domains of the atoms in a rigid group.

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