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By Andrea Demirjian

Who does not love a superb kiss? each kiss is a reason for party, and this publication will get the lip-locking social gathering started.

This publication is for kissing aficionados all over the place. Kissing is a pleasant love letter to the magic of this scrumptious indulgence. packed with romance, humor, enjoyable feedback, and joie de vivre, it is a playful consultant to puckering up. Readers will locate this candy, horny consultant packed with extraordinary information, together with:

- assistance and routines for a "kissing makeover"
- favourite (and least favourite) how one can pucker up
- actual tales of first, top, worst, most unique, and simply simple unforgettable kisses
- the main well-known motion picture kisses, in addition to nice kisses from literature, artwork, and history
- Kissing customs round the globe
- enjoyable kissing video games and new techniques
- A candid kissing survey to fill out and percentage

fans all over should want to get their fingers in this book-and one another!

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Fewer candles are more romantic for mood lighting vs. ). S. ” ANONYMOUS what’s your definition of a kiss? Throughout this book you’ll find the responses from my kissing survey. /Mrs. status are real and candid, and they express feelings most of us can relate to. WHAT ’S IT TO YOU? ” T. H . • 20 the many faces of a kiss “It’s that lip-smacking thing. Some are sweet, some romantic, some obligatory (the cheek to cheek kind). ” S. G. “An unbelievable magnetic force or attraction that pulls two people together .

I feel safe, comforted, warm and happy. Kissing to me is a spontaneous gesture of fondness between two people who truly have a bond . . ” J. R. • 22 the many faces of a kiss “It gives me butterflies in my stomach to think about it. ” C. L. the history of the first “first” kiss Despite our knowledge of ancient times, there’s not much known about the genesis of kissing. c. (more on this later). But the how, when and why of the first “first” kiss remains a matter of theory. The scientific camp traces kissing to Paleolithic man.

2. To touch gently, as if fondly or caressing. 3. ; as, kiss and make friends. 4. To meet; to come in contact; to touch fondly. 5. A small piece of confectionery. • 14 the many faces of a kiss 6. a. a meringue). ” All pretty romantic stuff. ” ANONYMOUS True to the oddities of the amazing English language, there are multiple ways you can refer to a kiss. Over eighty, to be exact. Try these for a little variety next time you’re in the mood, or when you simply want to impress someone with your prolific lingual abilities: first base hook up with neck tongue wrestle make out lock lips scam tonsil hockey get together with peck French mash 15 • kissing canoodle snoggle fool around snogging buss smack deep smooch soul smooch slap smacking osculate belt paste candy smooch molasses smooch wham ba kess baisemain deosculate suaviation orad dahl scotch smooch wetly eroo kith tell ido smatch interosculate mouth tony exosculate pooch pooch out basial salt lip savor caress smatter clap snatch salute taste embrace bang begrime besmoil bill coo blow a smooch copulate dally dirty foul grime lollygag make love pet smirch smudge spoon sweet talk tarnish toy trifle wanton whisper sweet sugar snog nothings • 16 the many faces of a kiss KISSING SYNONYMS A thesaurus offers a plethora of ways to describe a good smooch: abandon, accost, address, attouchement, bid good day, bid good morning, blow a kiss, bob, bow, bow to, breath, brush, brush by, buss, caress, come in contact, contact, contingence, curtsy, cutaneous sense, desert, dismiss, disregard, embrace, exchange greetings, feel, feeling, fingertip caress, flick, forsake, give up, glance, graze, greet, greeting, hail, hand-clasp, hand-mindedness, handshake, hello, hit, how-do-you-do, hug, ignore, impinge, impingement, impingence, kiss hands, lambency, lap, lick, lift the hat, light touch, lip, neck, nod, nod to, nudge, osculate, osculation, peck, pull the forelock, relinquish, renounce, repudiate, rub, salutation, salute, say hello, scrape, sense of touch, shake, shake hands, shave, sideswipe, skim, skirt, smack, smacker, smile, smile of recognition, smooch, spoon, squeak by, stroke, sweep, tactile sense, taction, tangency, tap, tentative contact, tentative poke, touch, touch lightly, touch the hat, touch upon, touching, uncover, wave and whisper.

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