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By J.C. Yardley

Around 200AD, Marcus Junianus Justinus produced an abridged or 'epitomized' model of the Philippic Histories of the Augustan historian Pompeius Trogus. In doing so, he passed over all he didn't locate both intrinsically attention-grabbing or of use for historic examples. Over the centuries that undefined, the abridgement eclipsed the unique paintings in attractiveness, to the level that Trogus' unique paintings vanished and in basic terms Justin's model survived.

In this research of the language of the Epitome, the 1st in virtually a century, J.C. Yardley examines the paintings to set up how a lot of the textual content belongs to Trogus, and what sort of to Justin. His research compares phrases and expressions utilized in the Epitome with the use of different Roman authors, and establishes components the place diction is identical to Augustan-era Latin and not more in use in Justin's time. Yardley's huge research unearths that there's extra of Justin within the paintings than is frequently intended, that may have implications for the ancient credibility of the rfile. Yardley additionally demonstrates how a lot Trogus was once stimulated by means of his modern Livy in addition to different Roman authors corresponding to Sallust and Caesar, and the way the Epitome unearths the effect of Roman poetry, specially the paintings of Virgil.

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2 (no reference to Justin). On such expressions in both Greek and Latin, see H. Fuchs, Mus. Helv. 15 (again, Justin omitted). 9 instrumenta luxuriae Cat. 24 above]; noted by Sellge 89). Also Ov. Fas*. 279, Plin. 39, Pronto Ant. 2 (citing Sail. Cat. 2). (Cf. also HA Heliogab. ) See also Vretska on Cat. 2. 11 above regipercarus. 4 timidius ac diffidentius (certainly a Trogan usage because it occurs here in the speech of Mithridates) Cat. 4 timidus ac vitae diffidens, Jug. 5 eique timido et... diffidenti (latter noted by Sellge 29).

Off. 5 turn nullus feracior in ea locus est). 1 above Principio rerum. 11 patris sui cura et impensa facta. Also Col. 6, Monument. Ancyr. 32 impensa et cura mea. 27ff. 11 certamen anceps ... 9 diu certamen anceps fuit; cf. 8 anceps proelium) Combination certamen + anceps + verb 'to be' (often with expression of time, cf. 16 primo ... 5 ancepsque pedestre certamen erat. Elsewhere Cic. Rep. 13 certamen varium atque anceps fuisset, Flor. 55 fuissetque anceps ... certamen. 31 regno potita est (much favoured by Justin/Trogus; cf.

5 in societatem ... 5 above adsumit in societatem consilii. Alex. 6 hereditatem regni... 7 prospiciens animo quanta ... 1 above). 7 above maiestati regiae. 6 bellumque ... diu variante fortuna ... gessit (cf. 8 bellum per centum prope annos variante fortuna eventum tulerimus. 5 longinqua a domo ... 9 longinquae a domo militiae; cf. 2 longa a Trogus and Livy 39 domo militia). Recurs in Tac. Ann. 2 longinquam militiam aspernabantur. Sorn (1894) 6. 5 subita mutatione rerum mutatio(nes) rerum is Livian (cf.

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