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Sometimes, however, and especially if there is little or no movement, the uniting medium is dense connective tissue. Various structures 30 Anatomy and Physiology—/ tissue forms but there are two ways in which a bone as an organ may develop (p. 16). Direct formation within the connective tissue is intramembranous ossification; on to and gradually replacing a cartilage predecessor (which goes through a calcified stage) is endochondral ossification. Many of the bones of the skull develop by intramembranous ossification, whereas the bones of the limbs develop by endochondral ossificaLong bones.

However, in addition to this important function, they may have many other uses, as the following examples will show. Complete limbs are moved; softer structures, such as the eyeball and the outer part of the ear, are reorientated; the skin is twitched; apertures, such as that between the eyelids, may be closed by circular sphincter muscles; the entire mass of abdominal organs is supported by the muscular body wall. It is as well to realize, also, that a muscle may be called upon to perform more than one function.

The smooth ER is involved with intracellular transport of the newly synthesized proteins. Ribosomes: in addition to those attached to the reticulum there are numerous ribosomes found free in the cytoplasm. It is thought that the RNA in these is responsible for synthesizing protein to be used within that cell. Lysosomes: these are membranous compartments containing enzymes that help break down the complex organic compounds. Some cells can absorb into their cytoplasm matter that is not wanted, that is perhaps even injurious to the body: this is foreign matter and can be taken in, for example, during phagocytosis.

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