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By Boethius; Kaylor, Noel Harold; Bracegirdle, John; Streed, Jason Edward

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Shineth cleare, In opposition to her brother faire, Smale starres from Who And neare 10 humaine his heames, her light She wants againe. And Hesperus named / appearinge over night. Behind the Sonne the frostie Is sight doth detaine, Lucifer, in starres to leade, mominge bright Before the light of Phoebus beemes convaide. 15 In winter shorter dayes thy wisdome made. When fallinge leaves by nippinge frost do fade. in Sommer tyde. Againe Thy divine powers, Most equally devide, 20 Nights swifter houres.

60 And "W^ sith all thou art in common mankind, cease state of life, this unlawfull strife. / [Meter 2] Abaundance should open her dore, Vouchsafinge to man much gould and riches If Lady store: Heapinge as Sea doth sand, discharge uppon the land. Or thicke as starres do stand, Men 5 Though God in benignity no good denieth. But wealth and dignity franckly applieth: * doth] th inserted above with caret after "o" weepe for more. / BOOK TWO 44 For all such favour greate, But gapinge still to it semeth nothinge for more he 10 What reason can lymits When thirstines man Though Whom more set to to gett have not thus should fortune in lawe if right you can yo[ur] cause^ confirme freely give you leave.

Such furniture on thee we did bestow, 5 W*^** if thou hadst not From maladie they careleslie reiected, now had Knowest thou not me? Is it 10 I dost thou silence keepe? for shamefastnes, or sensles feare? / rather wish But Why thee protected. I it modest bashfulnes:^ perceive astonishment is cause. ] "," altered to ^ bashfulnes] written in dark ink '' my] head deleted after my MS and thus she sayd. BOOK ONE 24 Here 15 This is no man perill, into lethargic. deluded mynds fallen, to is A com[m]on greife.

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