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By Bart D. Ehrman

The bestselling writer of Misquoting Jesus, the most popular and arguable Bible students on the earth this day examines oral culture and its position in shaping the tales approximately Jesus we come across within the New Testament—and eventually in our realizing of Christianity.

Throughout a lot of human background, our most vital tales have been handed down orally—including the tales approximately Jesus ahead of they grew to become written down within the Gospels. during this interesting and deeply researched paintings, prime Bible pupil Bart D. Erhman investigates the position oral heritage has performed within the New Testament—how the telling of those tales not just unfold Jesus’ message yet assisted in shaping it.

A grasp explainer of Christian historical past, texts, and traditions, Ehrman attracts on quite a number disciplines, together with psychology and anthropology, to check the position of reminiscence within the production of the Gospels. Explaining how oral culture evolves in accordance with the most recent clinical examine, he demonstrates how the act of telling and retelling affects the tale, the storyteller, and the listener—crucial insights that problem our common ancient figuring out of the silent interval among whilst Jesus lived and died and whilst his tales started to be written down.

As he did in his past books on non secular scholarship, debates on New testomony authorship, and the lifestyles of Jesus of Nazareth, Ehrman combines his deep wisdom and meticulous scholarship in a compelling and eye-opening narrative that would swap the best way we learn and consider those sacred texts.

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846). Sulla Birkath ha-minim cf. anche: S. Krauss, Imprecation against the Minim in the Synagogue, TQR 9 (1896-97) 515-517; Herford, Christiallity 125-137; Strack, Jesus 64*-67*; Jocz, lewish People 51-57. 115 Tosephta Hullin 2,24; b. 'Aboda Zara 16b-17a: Qoheleth Rabba 1,8 (v. testo e traduzione in Strack, lesus, risp. 4-6 e 23*-25*, ed in Herford, Christianity, risp. 412-413 e 137-140). Maier, lesus 144-181, posti i testi in sinossi, ne suddivide e analizza le varie parti secondo criteri storico-formali.

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