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By Douglas Kendall

Jason is legendary on INFINITY urban for rescuing misplaced spacecraft. INFINITY urban is an awesome international equipped inside a black gap, and Jason will want all its extremely excessive expertise for his newest rescue project: To sail out of the black gap aboard his incredible gravitonic sailship, find, and rescue a misplaced send of complex, genetically engineered colonists sure for a brand new world.His project explodes with unforeseen difficulties: stowaways, the risks of the quarter the place he believes the send is misplaced, and a massive revelation concerning Jason's family and the attention-grabbing humans he encounters.This is the second e-book of the INFINITY urban sequence in regards to the lives and intriguing adventures of individuals residing on an international inside a black gap, an international of outstanding extremely excessive expertise, faster-than-light, time-traveling gravitonic sailships, and complicated genetic engineering that reverses the getting older procedure.

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It was fast, real fast! Suddenly, a small orange dot appeared on the display in front of the strange ship and shot ahead of it heading toward Jason's ship. The computer used orange to represent any unknown object with offensive characteristics. That much faster-thanlight it could only be a highly destructive gravitonic plasma bolt similar to what his own cannon could fire. Jason quickly fed the coordinates of the approaching bolt into the particlebeam weapon and fired. The display showed Jason's ship leave behind a small green seemingly stationary streak.

Jason peered at the situation screen intently, grinding his teeth in apprehension. They were all still moving, turning in odd directions. What was going on? Then he realized their plan, for indeed they had finally come up with something, undoubtedly communicating on a gravitonic carrier wave -- scrambled, of course, otherwise Jason's communication scanner would have detected any messages. The three pirates behind Jason were now following each other around in a circular path. The three other pirates before Jason were doing the same, three sailships chasing each other around an endless circle.

But, other times Dalton would finally cajole Jason into talking about one of the finer ladies in his life, and he would jabber away happily with his own distant, dreamy expression. 6. ATTACK! They were now in a dangerous part of the Galaxy. They passed by the black hole of one of Infinity City's NEIGHBORS -another world inside a black hole, but run by bloodthirsty tyrants bent on learning the secret of the PILL OF LIFE from Infinity City. Countless Infinity City merchant and Adventurer sailships had been attacked and boarded, the occupants tortured for the secret of the pill that gave immortality.

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