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Contains: Tokyo, important Honshu, Kyoto urban, Western Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, Okinawa, Northern Honshu, and Hokkaido.

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Japan (Eyewitness Travel Guides)

Comprises: Tokyo, important Honshu, Kyoto urban, Western Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, Okinawa, Northern Honshu, and Hokkaido.

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Noh costumes are Noh masks are worn by the leading characters; the greatest masks are classified as National Treasures. The mask on the right represents a samurai, and on the far right, a demon. usually richly decorated and heavy. Many layers are worn to make the actors seem larger and more imposing. A P O R T R A I T Kabuki actors were popular subjects for Edo-era woodblock prints. The tradition can still be seen in this modern poster advertising a Kabuki play. is where less important characters are usually located.

The hanerii A length of silk known as the obiagee holds the obii in place. The obi is a sash up to 4 m (13 ft) long. The obijime decorative cord further secures the obi. The obii sash is usually made of silk and tied tightly at the back. The quality of material and the knot used vary according to the season and formality of the occasion. A tuck, or ohashiori, at the waist adjusts the length of a kimono. Tabi socks have a split between the big and second toes. Zori sandals usually have wedge soles.

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS If a public holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday is also a public holiday. New Year’s Day (J ( an 1) Coming-of-Age Day (2nd Mon in Jan) National Foundation Day (Feb 11) Vernal Equinox Day (Mar 21) Greenery Day (A ( pr 29) Constitution Memorial Day (May 3) Children’s Day (May 5) Maritime Day (J ( ul 20) Respect for the Aged Day (3rd Mon in Sep) Fall Equinox Day (Sep 23) Health-Sports Day (2nd Mon in Oct) Culture Day (Nov 3) Labor Thanksgiving Day (Nov 23) Emperor’s Birthday (Dec 23) One of the snow carvings at Yuki Matsuri, Sapporo 47 48 I N T The Climate of J Japan’s climate varies primar temperate Hokkaido to subt the country is warm, temper are cooler year-round in the distinction is between the Pa Both have a lot of rain in Ju coast also has heavy rainfall but is sunny in winter, while long spells of rain and snow OKINAWA 31/88 24/75 4 26/79 27/81 22/72 °C/F C 19/67 18/64 13/55 5 8 6 3 hrs hrs hrs hrs 152 190 151 113 mm mm mm mm month Apr Jul Oct SHIKOKU 31/88 4 23/73 24/75 20/69 °C/F C 0 kilometers 14/58 4 200 11/52 10/50 0 miles 100 1/33 KYUSHU 6 6 6 hrs hrs hrs hrs 284 301 31/88 24/75 4 24/75 4 °C/F C 6 mm mm month Apr Jul 20/69 14/58 4 11/52 11/52 2/35 5 6 6 4 hrs hrs hrs hrs 178 281 101 81 mm mm mm mm month Apr Jul Oct Jan Kagoshima g Jan HOKKAIDO 25/77 16/61 15/61 °C/F 11/52 5/40 1/33 -2/28 -11/12 6 6 5 3 hrs hrs hrs hrs 60 78 114 102 mm mm mm mm month Apr Jul Oct • S Sapporo Jan NORTHERN HONSHU 28/82 21/70 20/69 16/61 °C/F C 12/54 6/43 5/41 -1/30 6 6 5 2 hrs hrs hrs hrs 101 181 159 194 mm mm month Apr Jul Sendai mm mm Oct Jan • Tokyo o • Kyoto Ko Kobe • • Osaka • Niigata • Nagoya CENTRAL AND WESTERN HONSHU 30/86 22/72 22/72 °C/F C 19/67 13/55 9/48 9/48 0/32 6 5 5 6 hrs hrs hrs hrs 138 171 129 44 mm mm month Apr Jul mm mm Oct Jan I N T R O D U C I N G J A PA N 51 THE HISTORY OF JAPAN F rom the origins of the Japanese race to its military behavior in World War II, Japan’s history is still subject to conjecture.

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