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content material: Reel 1. distinctive CA index identify nomenclature; Non-unique CA index identify nomenclature; Key-letter-in context (KLIC) index to CA index identify nomenclature.--Reel 2. Hetero-atom-in-context (HAIC) index of part elemental ring platforms for the 9CI; Keyword-out-of-context (KWOC) inverted index of ring structures for the 9CI.

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Low value values of κ with ε muc than unity even when Ε i s greater than V . The physical significance of quantum-mechanical tunneling was recognized very early i n the development of wave mechanics, and there are many examples of physical phenomena i n which tunneling i s important. Here i s a very incomplete l i s t of examples, chosen principally on the basis of h i s t o r i c a l interest: 1. The cold emission of electrons from a metal cathode at a high negative voltage (1). 2. The emission of α-particles from an atomic nucleus (2,3).

Sci. (1970) 67, 113. 44. , Ishida, T. , J . Chem. Phys. (1971) 55, 5021. 45. Bigeleisen, J. , J. Am. Chem. Soc. (1973) 95, 6155. 46. Bigeleisen, J . , J. Chem. , i n press. 47. The substituent additivity rule holds i n the approximation that off diagonal matrix elements, f (i ≠ j), are small. , C H D vs C H , only the interaction of adjacent bending ij 2 5 2 6 coordinates have non-zero values of δg , which reduces the above qualification on substituent additivity. , New York, New York 10022. Galimov, Ε.

I=l 1 (5) G1 1 i=l In addition to the product rule, there are also sum rules which further r e s t r i c t the number of independent observables when more than two isotopic variants are available. This subject has been discussed i n d e t a i l by Heicklen (^O). One interesting conclusion he reaches i s that for molecules with symmetry the f u l l F matrix can be determined by substituting for a l l but one of the sets of equivalent atoms. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1975.

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