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By Christoph Wittmann, James C. Liao

The newest quantity within the complex Biotechnology sequence presents an summary of the most product sessions and platform chemical compounds produced through biotechnological approaches at the present time, with purposes within the foodstuff, healthcare and high quality chemical industries. along the creation of gear and flavors in addition to amino acids, bio-based monomers and polymers and biofuels, simple insights also are given as to the biotechnological techniques yielding such items and the way large-scale construction will be enabled and improved.
Of curiosity to biotechnologists, bio and chemical engineers, in addition to these operating within the biotechnological, chemical, and nutrition industries.

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Part E discusses the use of microorganisms as novel sustainable feedstocks in industrial biotechnology. Chapter 14 sheds light on thermophilic bacteria, whereas Chapters 15 and 16 deal with autotrophic systems that enable production simply from sunlight and carbon dioxide: cyanobacteria and algae. Part F discusses eukaryotic cell factories of high industrial relevance. Mammalian cells offer great potential to synthesize complex proteins with high therapeutic value, but are far more complex and more difficult to grow, hence requiring specific handling (Chapter 17).

Jewett Part II Multipurpose Bacterial Cell Factories 149 151 5 Industrial Biotechnology: Escherichia coli as a Host Matthew Theisen and James C. Liao 6 Industrial Microorganisms: Corynebacterium glutamicum 183 Judith Becker and Christoph Wittmann 7 Host Organisms: Bacillus subtilis 221 Hans-Peter Hohmann, Jan M. van Dijl, Laxmi Krishnappa, and Zoltán Prágai 1 85 VIII Contents 8 Host Organism: Pseudomonas putida 299 Ignacio Poblete-Castro, José M. Borrero-de Acuña, Pablo I. Nikel, Michael Kohlstedt, and Christoph Wittmann Part III Exploiting Anaerobic Biosynthetic Power 327 9 Host Organisms: Clostridium acetobutylicum/Clostridium beijerinckii and Related Organisms 329 Frank R.

Vandamme, John Collins, and Klaus Buchholz 2 Synthetic Biology: An Emerging Approach for Strain Engineering Jie Sun and Hal Alper 3 Toward Genome-Scale Metabolic Pathway Analysis 111 Jürgen Zanghellini, Matthias P. Gerstl, Michael Hanscho, Govind Nair, Georg Regensburger, Stefan Müller, and Christian Jungreuthmayer 4 Cell-Free Synthetic Systems for Metabolic Engineering and Biosynthetic Pathway Prototyping 125 Ashty S. Karim, Quentin M. Dudley, and Michael C. Jewett Part II Multipurpose Bacterial Cell Factories 149 151 5 Industrial Biotechnology: Escherichia coli as a Host Matthew Theisen and James C.

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