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If there is more than one mode of vibration (generally the case), then there will be several critical wind speeds, each with a different corresponding amplitude. Design must ensure that Vcrit is kept outside of the normally expected range at the bridge site. Design features that will minimise the depth of the wake (the turbulent air leeward of the deck) are found to reduce the power of vortex excitation (see Figure 23). Some practical details which have been found to work are: n shallow sections (compared with width) amax a Vcrit Amplitude response a Frequency response f n soffit plate to close off spaces between main girders fn n avoidance of high solidity fixings and details such as fascia beams near the edges of the deck n the use of deflector flaps or vanes on deck edges to obviate vortices or promote reattachment of surfaces.

HMSO, London, BE 1/77. Dyrbe C. and Hansen S. O. (1996) Wind Loads on Structures. Wiley, London. Federal Highways Administration. (1991) Evaluating Scour at Bridges. US Department of Transportation, HEC-18. Federal Highways Administration. (1991) Stream Stability at Highway Structure. US Department of Transportation, HEC-20. Guyon Y. (1946) Calcul des ponts larges a` poutres multiples solidarise´es par des entretoises. Annals des Ponts et Chause´es, 1946, No. 24, 553–612. Hamill L. (1998) Bridge Hydraulics.

Concrete construction falls within Group 4. Temperature differences cause curvature of the deck and result in internal primary and secondary stresses within the structure. Primary stresses Primary stresses occur in both simply supported and continuous bridges and are manifested as a variation of stress with depth. They develop due to the redistribution of restrained temperature stresses which is a self-equilibrating process. They are determined by balancing the restrained stresses with an equivalent system of a couple and a direct force acting at the neutral axis position.

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