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3 . Forest belts of tropical Africa, after MatEjka. 54 Tab. 1. ) Guinean above 1250 3-6 Woodland Seasonal Guinean forest Guinean Equatorial above 1800 short Moist forest at low and medium alt. Closed rainforest 12 Desert, subdesert steppe Subsaharan Eastern Equatorial Desert/Subdesert 250 Eastern Equatorial 250 -600 Savanna 1250 9 Wooded steppe 6-8 Coastal forest savanna mosaic Eastern Coastal 600 Lake Victoria I250 - Forest savanna mosaic East and Ccntral 1000 5--6 a) Woodlands of various types Brachystegia and Jutbernardia b) Savanna woodlands with Acacia, Combreturn and Terminalia c) Cryptosepntum pseudotaxus, Marquesia, Guibourtia coleosperma on Kalahari sands d) Colophosperum mopane Eastern African Highlands 1000 Montane grassland and forest - Acacia Comniiphora woodland Miombo and Mopane woodlands 55 Land use Crops Nomadic grazing Nomadic grazing - Mauretania, Mali, Niger, Chad, Sudan Seminom.

An exainple of the highland regime is given in Tab. 14: Tnh. 14. Climatical data for Addis Ababa (9'29' N, 8"43' E, 2440 m) in tropical highland region ~ ~ Jan Feh _ ~- ~~~ March Apr. May June _ Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. 2 U n' 195 21 13 6 1246 ~ 45 The influence of sunlight intensity increases in the highlands, because the dust and clouds are concentrated at lower elevations of the tropics. The thin, dry air of the mountains and high plateaux permits not only the entry of strong solar radiation by day, but also rapid earth radiation a t night.

Ranching, mixed farming. , bananas, coffee, tea Tanzania, Zaire, Angola, Zambia, S. Rhodesia, Malawi, Mozambique Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Congo, Malawi, S. Rhodesia 56 The forest is not distributed uniformly over the whole continent. The forest cover is considerably larger in the tropics. Actually, as can be seen from Tab. 3. I , the term “forcst formation” is more appropriate, since there is a great variety of forTst types. The map in Fig. 3 provides an approximate estimation.

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