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By Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, Henry Lincoln

Is the conventional, approved view of the lifetime of Christ not directly incomplete?

• Is it attainable Christ didn't die at the cross?
• Is it attainable Jesus used to be married, a father, and that his bloodline nonetheless exists?
• Is it attainable that parchments present in the South of France a century in the past display one of many best-kept secrets and techniques of Christendom?
• Is it attainable that those parchments comprise the very middle of the secret of the Holy Grail?

According to the authors of this terribly provocative, meticulously researched ebook, not just are these items attainable — they're most likely actual! so innovative, so unique, so convincing, that the main trustworthy Christians might be moved; here's the e-book that has sparked world wide controversey.

"Enough to significantly problem many conventional Christian ideals, if no longer adjust them."
— l. a. occasions booklet Review

"Like Chariots of the Gods?...the plot has all of the components of a world thriller."
— Newsweek

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It is known that the Cathars were extremely wealthy. Technically, their creed forbade them to bear arms; and though many ignored this prohibition, the fact remains that large numbers of mercenaries were employed at considerable expense. At the same time, the sources of Cathar wealth the allegiance they commanded from powerful landowners, for instance - 43 - were obvious and explicable. Yet rumours arose, even during the course of the Albigensian Crusade, of a fantastic mystical Cathar treasure, far beyond material wealth.

At once Pope Innocent III ordered a Crusade. Although there had been intermittent persecution of heretics all through the previous century, the Church now mobilised her forces in earnest. The heresy was to be extirpated once and for all. A massive army was mustered under the command of the abbot of Citeaux. Military operations were entrusted largely to Simon de Montfort father of the man who was subsequently to play so crucial a role in English history. And under Simon’s leadership the pope’s crusaders set out to reduce the highest European culture of the Middle Ages to destitution and rubble.

Three of the letters are towards the top of the page, five towards the bottom. These eight letters have only to be read in sequence for them to spell out two words “REX 1vtuNDt’. This is unmistakably a Cathar term, which is immediately recognisable to anyone familiar with Cathar thought. Given these factors, it seemed reasonable enough to commence our investigation with the Cathars. We therefore began to research into them, their beliefs and traditions, their history and milieu in detail. Our inquiry opened new dimensions of mystery, and generated a number of tantalising questions.

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