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That this has an inhibiting effect needs no stressing. The temptation to describe at least some of the many successful activities of the different regional offices, each in itself a resource centre meeting a host of public requests, is great: the flourishing African Art Centre which Jo Thorpe, the regional secretary at Durban, developed and its biennial national art exhibition; Pietermaritzburg's growing African Art Centre and non-racial lunch-bar; Cape Town's work at the Athlone Advice Centre and its involvement in the provision of emergency assistance for displaced squatters; Southern Transvaal's 'crash coaching' programme for matric and junior certificate African students, constitute a list which could be, and 26 should be, extended.

Foundations and trusts and large business concerns made substantial recurrent donations, some for specific objectives, such as teacher training, technical and vocational training, undergraduate courses in science or law, the post-graduate diploma in education, and medical training for African women. Some firms asked the Institute to administer bursary schemes for the children of their African employees; others sought information and guidance. In 1977 the Ford Foundation instituted a bursary scheme to enable members of staff of the five black universities to acquire higher academic qualifications at overseas universities.

33 So it was left to Hofmeyr and ten others to vote against the third reading of the Representation Bill. Hofmeyr did so because he objected to the Africans being given an inferior, a qualified citizenship 'which has the marks of inferiority in clause after clause .... ' How right Hofmeyr was is obvious today. But much was to happen before then. With the Ill seats it won at the general election of 1938 (the Nationalists' total was twenty-seven, Mr J. G. Strydom, the future Prime Minister, being the Transvaal's sole representative), the United Party ruled as it wished.

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