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By Hugh M. Hefner, Bill Zehme

One may imagine e-book containing Playboy mogul Hefner’s intercourse assistance, musings and stories will be racy, bawdy, or no less than engrossing—but there’s little that’s rather attractive or insightful during this narrow quantity. Fifty years after inventing the great lifestyles as not anyone else had dared, the grasp Playboy of the Western global eventually stocks the secrets and techniques that experience for generations made him the envy of all free-thinking women and men.

Hef's Little Black Book conjures the mythical way of life of Hugh M. Hefner as by no means prior to, a treasure trove of city lore, wry suggestion, and regularly occurring knowledge spanning the geographical regions of romance, hedonism, ambition, company, goals, and, after all, intercourse. From the pursuit of affection to the politics of the bed room, from the muse of a unmarried thought to the emergence of a sprawling foreign company outfitted on self-belief, Hef offers a useful advisor to someone who has ever concept big.

Accompanied by means of tantalizing, never-before-seen photos, the gateway to Hugh Hefner's Dream international of Cool awaits you. should you don't swing, don't ring.

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