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By Irmtraud Fischer, Mercedes Navarro Puerto, Andrea Taschl-Erber

This quantity is the 1st within the Bible and ladies sequence. It offers a heritage of the reception of the Bible as embedded in Western cultural historical past with a different specialise in the background of ladies and problems with gender. It introduces the sequence, explaining the alternative of the Hebrew canon in reference to the Christian culture and getting ready the best way for a replaced view of girls during the sequence. The individuals discover the gendered importance of the canonical writings in addition to the method in their canonization and the social-historical historical past of historical close to japanese women’s lives, either one of which play key roles within the sequence. Turning to the Pentateuch, essays handle numerous texts and matters nonetheless appropriate this present day, comparable to production and male-female identification within the snapshot of God, women’s roles within the genealogies of the Pentateuch and in salvation historical past, the rights and obligations of girls in line with the Hebrew Bible’s felony and formality texts, and the way archaeology and iconography can illustrate the texts of the Torah. individuals contain Sophie Démare-Lafont, Dorothea Erbele-Küster, Karin Finsterbusch, Irmtraud Fischer, Mercedes García Bachmann, Thomas Hieke, Carol Meyers, Mercedes Navarro Puerto, Jorunn Økland, Ursula Rapp, Donatella Scaiola, Silvia Schroer, Jopie Siebert-Hommes, and Adriana Valerio.

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Life comes from their wombs; they nourish and certainly continue to care for beings, including those who do not come into the world and who quickly return to the earth (figs. 12–13). e. In First Testament anthropology, the womb (‫ )רחם‬is associated with compassion (‫)רחמים‬. It takes hold not only of women but also of men at times—and even God. 12 Fig. 12. Old Babylonian terracotta relief from Tell Asmar (ca. ). The relieved plate shows a goddess, pacing to the left, wearing a so-called tiered garment with a headdress that resembles the entry of a shrine or temple.

In biblical texts, breasts are also the expression of abundant food and life. The figurines were found in many houses. Occasionally, however, they were also placed in the darkness of the tomb with the dead as a final blessing. (Keel and Schroer, Schöpfung, fig. 75) Fig. 16 (right). ). Parts of small figurines of goddesses were found at three different places in Palestine/Israel. These seem to come from the very same molding press; the most complete one, from Revadim, is shown here. The naked goddess is depicted frontally, with long hair hanging down, a moon sickle or Ω necklace and bracelets.

The Ω sign is an important motif of this group. It could be a very simplified representation of the female uterus, which was simultaneously a symbol of birth and of mother goddesses. As the seals were frequently found in graves, and twice in the graves of children, it is likely that the motif was intended to guarantee protection of pregnant women, mothers, and children from these goddesses or to give the dead some of the security of the womb on their final journey. The Ω sign still seems to symbolize this maternal security for people in ancient Israel.

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