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By Marie Chapian

Harold and that i is the 1st of a sequence of books for younger readers (age 8-13) with tales of children who're visited through angels and are taken on heavenly trips, and the way those have an effect on and alter them, in addition to the area round them. The tales are

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Got that?! ” I looked at Skoot’s face which had turned pink and I started to laugh. ” said Great Aunt Twill. “You are,” I said, being my almost-honest self, but I couldn’t help wonder why Skoot looked so scared. A rink had been cleared of snow on the frozen lake and when Skoot and I got there, it was already crowded with people ice skating. Old people, young people, kids—you’d think someone was handing out money, it was so crowded. R. There was the postman, Mr. Pettlefry, and my teacher, Miss Kreek, and almost everybody else in the town of Lake Clearbottom.

What a relief to find Great Aunt Twill hadn’t tossed my rocks and precious tile chips. They were in a pillow case with some sand and a half dead philodendron plant. Living with these two old ladies wasn’t going to be a picnic. Oh well, it would just be for a little while. ~ 42 ~ Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Smart ~ 43 ~ 5 More Un-Fun in Lake Clearbottom ~ 45 ~ HAROLD AND I Wintertime in Lake Clearbottom was nothing like wintertime in the big city of St. Paul, let me tell you. In the big city I crunched around on the sidewalks lathered in salt and wrecked my boots when they got all white and crusty.

Skoot called after me. Too late. I was already zinging down the path to the ice, and then I was hurdling across the ice, my arms flapping at my sides, my eyes stinging in the wind. It would have been fun if I could have figured out how to stop myself. I w e n t flying to one end of the rink, hit the fence, bounced back onto the ice and went spinning until I fell flat on my backside. Skoot skated up to me laughing, and so did three or four other kids ~ 62 ~ from my class at school, one of them being Arnold Arkvard, my Number 1 Most Un-favorite Person.

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