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By Alison Wiggins, Rosalind Field

Man of Warwick is England's different Arthur. increased to the prestige of nationwide hero, his legend occupied a important position within the nation's cultural historical past from the center a while to the fashionable interval. man of Warwick: Icon and Ancestor spans the fellow culture from its beginnings in Anglo-Norman and heart English romance all over to the performs and prints of the early glossy interval and Spenser's Faerie Queene, together with the visible culture in manuscript representation and fabric tradition in addition to the intersection of the legend with neighborhood and nationwide heritage. This quantity addresses vital questions concerning the continuities and remaking of romance fabric, and the relation among lifestyles and literature. issues mentioned are delicate to present severe issues and comprise translation, reception, rich person ambition, East-West kin, the development of 'Englishness' and nationwide id, and the literary worth of 'popular' romance.

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37 38 39 The manuscript is described in some detail by Vielliard, Manuscrits français, pp. 93–99. Vielliard, Manuscrits français, pp. 94–95. Gui, p. ix; both Georges Doutrepont, Les Mises en prose des épopées (Brussels: Académie Royale de Belgique, 1939), pp. 292–95, and P. Meyer, ‘Notice sur le manuscrit M’, Bulletin de la Société d’anciens textes français, 8 (1882), p. 45, take the existence of the mise en prose as evidence of the popularity of the legend; see also William Calin, The French Tradition and the Literature of Medieval England (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1994), p.

49r to a few simple red lines. There are rubrics marking sections of the poem on fol. 17r (‘issi commence la batayle entre g. et les lumbards al pas de playns’, ‘Here begins the battle between Gui and the Lombards at the pass of the plains’) and fol. 37r (‘Issi est fet lestors entre le duc Seguin et le emperor Reyner’, ‘here comes the combat between the Duke Seguin and the Emperor Reyner’). 19 The codex contains a wide range of texts as follows: fols 1r–14r Vie de Thomas Becket (life of St Thomas Becket) fols 14r–14v Chanson de croisade with music ‘S’onques nus hom por dure departie’, followed by a fourteenth-century pious poem in French and two lines by Gauthier de Bibbysworth20 fols 15r–26v Gui de Warewic fols 27r–33rb Two texts in Latin concerning the rule of the canons fols 34r–70v Latin chronicle following the kings of England to 1266 fols 71r–73v Tabula brevis chronologica secundum Bedam (‘A brief chronology according to Bede’) fols 74r–77r A life of Robert of Knaresborough fols 78r–99v A list of officials (‘vicecomitatem’) of London from the time of Richard I to that of Henry VI with a short chronicle fols 100r–01r Nominem illorum qui fraternitatem S.

Only two of our manuscripts have ever grouped together any of these ‘ancestral romances’. F is the only extant manuscript that continues to do so and is, in fact, the only extant manuscript of Waldef. 56 That Gui and Boeve were once bound together in P (under the shelf mark 7553) is perhaps encouraging for those who see these texts as belonging together. However, while it is convenient to able to group the texts of insular origin about insular heroes, such occasional grouping in manuscripts does not suggest that they should be seen as a ‘genre’ distinct from other texts with an insular focus.

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