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By Prof. John L. Eposito

Collage professor and overseas govt and media advisor John L. Esposito publications you thru the evidence and myths surrounding Islam and its greater than 1.2 billion adherents. How well-known are you with the world's moment greatest and fastest-growing faith? Many within the West understand little in regards to the religion and are generic in basic terms with the activities of a minority of radical extremists

This path might help you higher comprehend Islam's position as either a faith and a lifestyle, and its deep impression on global affairs either traditionally and at the present time. you will need to comprehend what Muslims think, and likewise how their ideals are performed privately and publicly as members in addition to participants of a bigger community

Learning approximately Islam: What Does the longer term Hold?

What does the long run carry for Islam and the West within the new century? How will it switch less than the effect of conservatives, reformers, and extremists?

"The concentration of this path could be to raised comprehend Islam's function as a faith and as a manner of life," says Professor Esposito. "In 12 lectures, relocating from Muhammad to the current, from the seventh to the twenty first centuries, we'll discover Muslim ideals, practices, and historical past within the context of its value and effect on Muslim lifestyles and society throughout the a long time, in addition to international occasions today."

You will study about:

Muslim ideals approximately different faiths
Whether the Quran condones terrorism and what it says approximately God
The contributions to arithmetic, technology, and paintings made through a flourishing Islamic civilization
The function of ladies in Islam
Whether Islam is appropriate with modernization, capitalism, and democracy.

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Rulers, political parties, and opposition movements have appealed to Islam. 1. Mainstream Islamic activists head governments and serve in cabinets, in elected parliaments, and as senior officials of professional associations of doctors, lawyers, engineers, and professors. 2. At the same time, radical Islamic organizations have engaged in violence and terrorism to topple governments or to achieve related goals. II. The causes and conditions that led to the contemporary resurgence of Islam are many.

Reformers have argued that Quranic verses favoring men need reinterpretation in light of the new social, cultural, and economic realities in the 20th and 21st centuries. IV. Quranic interpretation is at the center of many debates. A. ” 1. Contrary to many traditional interpretations, contemporary scholars have noted that the “priority” referred to in this verse is based on men’s socioeconomic responsibilities for women. It does not say women are incapable of managing their own affairs. ©2003 The Teaching Company Limited Partnership 45 2.

Great revivalists throughout Islamic history have claimed the right to function as mujtahids in order to purify and revitalize their societies. ©2003 The Teaching Company Limited Partnership 29 II. A wave of religio-political revivalism in the 17th and 18th centuries spread across the Islamic world from the Sudan to Sumatra, with some of the most important events occurring in Arabia, Africa, and India. A. The ideological worldviews of revivalists shared several points in common: 1. The purpose of pre-modernist revivalists was not to reinterpret Islam to yield new solutions but to return to the pure and pristine vision of Islam, preserved in the Quran and Sunnah, and to reestablish an authentic Islamic community modeled on the Prophet and his early companions.

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