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By Viola Goode Liddell

A fascinating account of 1 woman’s overcoming the melancholy and small city mores.Viola Goode Liddell’s brief memoir tells the tale of her go back to Alabama looking for a husband and a brand new existence. Thirty years outdated and lately divorced, Liddell comes again to her domestic state—with her younger son—determined to outlive, throughout the depths of the melancholy. Liddell narrates the hindrances she faces as a unmarried mom within the Thirties Deep South with self-deprecating humor and a confessional tone that show either her intelligence and her unapologetic ambitions.Unable to earn, borrow, or beg adequate cash to aid herself and her baby, Liddell makes use of her relatives connections to safe a instructing place in Camden, Alabama. even if an older sister’s prestige in the neighborhood is helping her land the activity, Liddell is warned that she has to be very cautious as she navigates the difficult social terrain of small city lifestyles, rather in terms of males. A observation at the plight of ladies of the time is woven into the narrative as Liddell recounts her adventure of being refused a mortgage on the neighborhood financial institution by means of her personal brother-in-law.Despite the entire regulations on her habit and the crushing truth that she has develop into "the greatest nuisance within the kin" as a result of her previous, Liddell cheerfully and effectively builds a brand new lifetime of respectability and hope. 

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