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By A. Smith, J. Wallace

This is often the 1st full-length exploration of the connection among Gothic fiction and Modernism in fiction and movie. The Gothic's fascination with photos of the fragmented self is echoed within the Modernist predicament with the psyche and the paranoia of the typical. The individuals discover how the Gothic affects arange of writers together with James Joyce, D. H. Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, may possibly Sinclair, Elizabeth Bowen, and Djuna Barnes.

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35 But perhaps such notions of salvation have only a tenuous life as we hear de la Mare’s narrator silenced by terror, by a Gothic return of that which is displaced by civic restructuring; or as we listen to the groaning stones of All Hallows, torn by their violent wrench into the new; or as 26 Gothic Modernisms we notice the invisible handprints on the wall of Pussy’s new house, or sense the silenced voice inside the white chest; or as we enquire, with Eliot, ‘what images return/O my daughter’.

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