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By Fred Saberhagen

Within the first 4 volumes of the Book of the Gods, Fred Saberhagen introduced a brand new point of view to the vintage gods of Greek mythology. Now the mythical writer of the Berzerker and Lost Swords sagas turns his gaze northward towards a wholly diverse pantheon of immortal deities . . . the fearsome and ferocious gods of Valhalla.

Haraldur the Northman as soon as joined Jason on his fabled quest for the Golden Fleece, yet now he wishes not anything extra to do with gods and experience. Returning to his fatherland for the 1st time in lots of years, he hopes in simple terms to cool down on a farm of his own-until he comes throughout an impenetrable wall of eldritch hearth and a lovesick formative years decided to breach the wall at any cost.

Behind the towering flames, he's advised, lies a gorgeous Valkyrie trapped in an enchanted sleep, in addition to, possibly, a golden treasure past mortal reckoning. it's the gold that tempts Hal to agree, opposed to his larger judgment, to aid the early life in his quest.

But to discover away prior the fiery wall, they need to first courageous gnomes, ghosts, and the wrath of the gods themselves. For a strong conflict is brewing, and Hal quickly reveals himself stuck up in a celestial clash among Thor the Thunderer, Loki the Trickster, and, strongest of all, Wodan, the cruel Lord of Battles!

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He resisted the urge to back away a step, compromising by shifting his stance slightly. Head wounds sometimes brought on bizarre ideas and dangerous behavior. Baldur was still staring at him, not so much threatening now as if pleading silently for some kind of help. After a moment Hal cleared his throat and asked with polite curiosity: "What happened next? " Now there was outrage, though not directed at Hal. "When I opened my eyes, I saw that the fighting was over. " The voice of the self-proclaimed dead man was turning shrill.

At the moment he was certainly not on his guard. A short sword was sheathed at his side, and his clothes were so begrimed and tattered that it was hard to guess whether they had originally been of rich material or poor. This newcomer's attention was entirely centered on the great fire itself, whose gentle roar went on unceasingly. The youth continued a methodical progression, as if he were intent on making his way entirely around the ring of flame, reconnoitering just as Hal had done. He even seemed to be making the same tentative efforts to approach the burning wall as closely as he could, but of course the heat kept him yards away.

It's remarkable how those things work, sometimes," Hal acknowledged diplomatically. By now they were strolling together back toward the house.

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