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By Rick Emmer

World wide, there are stories of huge creatures that disguise from human touch. tremendous Anaconda and different Cryptids: truth or Fiction? provides facts for the life of a number of of those extraordinary animals, together with the Sucuriju, a 50-foot-long snake from South the US; the bloodthirsty Chupacabras, or Goat Sucker, from Puerto Rico; the fierce lizard Megalania, Australia's giant cousin of the Komodo dragon; the thylacine, a carnivorous marsupial from Tasmania; the Thunderbird, a immense, child-snatching chook of prey from the us; the Kongamato and Ropen, prehistoric flying reptiles from Africa and New Guinea; and the Ri, a mermaid-like creature inhabiting the waters of a tropical island paradise within the Pacific Ocean. The ebook permits readers to attract their very own conclusions in regards to the life of those hidden creatures.

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Other species of lizard are known to have accomplished this feat, but no one knew that Komodo dragons could do it. The process by which a female animal reproduces without breeding with a male is called parthenogenesis. This process works in different ways in different species. In some species, all the young produced by this process are female. In the ora, however, all the hatchlings are male. This is where the Komodo’s cousin Megalania enters the picture. It is thought that if oras can reproduce by parthenogenesis, there’s a good chance Megalania could do so as well.

Perhaps the biggest and most powerful of all these imaginary creatures were the Thunderbirds, beings that were part bird and part spirit. Thunderbirds lived in a big cloud high in the mountains. They had a nasty habit of transforming the white, puffy clouds of a peaceful sky into a life-threatening rainstorm. indd 51 2/2/10 6:52:52 PM 52â•… GIANT ANACONDA: FACT OR FICTION? This Thunderbird headdress was carved by a Native American and used in ceremonial dances. produce earthshaking blasts of thunder and crackling bolts of lightning just by flapping their wings and blinking their eyes.

Marlon’s father and two other adults burst onto the scene just in time to see the birds as they flew away. According to the witnesses, both birds were black, except for a ring of white feathers around the neck. 2 m) long from head to tail. Marlon’s mother said that of all the birds she was familiar with, these two birds most resembled the California condor (Gymnogyps californianus), a huge vulture that lives in the far west and had never been spotted anywhere near the state of Illinois. As soon as the Lowes’ story became public, many additional sightings came flooding in.

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