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Basin-area ratio (Ra) Within a designated drainage basin, the mean basin area of a watercourse with a given stream order divided by the mean basin area of the watercourse with the next-lower stream order. Cf. Basin area. Basin-circularity ratio (Rc) The area of a drainage basin divided by the area of a circle with the same perimeter as the basin. Baume´ degrees The specific gravity of a solution determined by the acid concentration. As the degrees Baume¤ increase, the strength of the solution increases.

Boca A Spanish term, commonly used in the United States, for the area where the mouth of a stream flows out of a channel, canyon, gorge, or precipitous valley onto a plain. BOD See biological oxygen demand. 37 B B Bog An area of wet, spongy ground with soil composed mainly of decayed vegetable matter. Sphagnum moss grows out from the edge of the bog in tangled mats strong enough to support trees, shrubs, and even people. In northern Europe, bogs (also called ‘‘heaths’’) were once the gloomy retreats of society’s outcasts.

1982. ) (b) A river shows an increase in river stage by the arrival of a flood wave. (Freeze and Cherry, 1979. ) (c–f) The modifications of the flood wave due to the effects of back storage. (Freeze and Cherry, 1979. ) Cf. Influent stream; Effluent stream. Bankfull discharge/bankfull flow The maximum flow, indimensionsof L3ÁTÀ1,thatawatercourse channelcantransmit without overflowing its banks. 5^10 years. The height of the water at bankfull discharge is the bankfull stage. Cf. Loaded stream. Bankfull stage The time period during which a watercourse first overflows its natural banks.

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